How can I help?

Anyone can announce they are a freelance web designer. Therefore it can be difficult to choose the right web designer for you and your business. So why am I the right choice for you? I am a full stack developer and UI/UX designer with years of experience. I've obtained a broad range of skills in front and back-end development as well as user interface and user experience design.

What I have to offer:

After the completion of your web project. Under no circumstances do I abandon you! I'm available for you 24/7 to provide the help and support you need to assure your web project always runs smoothly. Recently, I posted an article on my blog about my process. Read the article on this link about my process.


10 Reasons why you should hire me

  • 1
    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is my speciality. The knowledge and techniques I've obtained over the years will have your website appear on the very first page of Google's search engine index.
  • 2
    My approach to CMS (Content Management System) will be tailored to suit your specific requirements for adding, removing, and editing content with ease on your web project without complex and confusing windows and form fields.
  • 3
    A responsive layout for mobile and tablet compatibility at no additional charge. Your web project will look beautiful on both mobile and tablet devices.
  • 4
    Most web projects I've designed and developed are live on the web within 14 days. With that said, you will have an idea of how long your web project will be ready to go live before any design and development is to go ahead.
  • 5
    I remain consistent on communication throughout the design and development of your web project by keeping you updated on its progress either by telephone or email.
  • 6
    To work with, not only am I very passionate and love what I do, but I am also patient, honest, trustworthy and professional.
  • 7
    As a valuable and important client of mine, you will soon have access to your client area. Where you can keep track of your invoice, the progress of your project, and much more.

    This feature is coming very soon!
  • 8
    To all my clients I offer a 24/7 emergency call service to fix errors. It's very important to me that a technical issue does not affect your business. So I am always available to assure your web project runs smoothly.
  • 9
    The development and design of a web project, depending on the scale of a project, I charge between £500-£10,000. For other services, such as additional development features to an existing website est. I charge at a rate of £32.20 per hour. I prefer to charge at a fixed rate for a design and development of a web project. Mainly, for peace of mind. My years of experience in web development allows me to accurately determine how long a particular web project will take to complete.
  • 10
    Over the years I've worked very hard and dedicated myself on increasing my skill-set. My experience with user interface design, full stack development and programming enables me to deliver a professional website to provide a great impression to your online customers.